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Town Paper Collection Direction
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The works of famous artists are especially rare

Carvings and calligraphy are generally written by painters and their procedures are the same as those for copper-carving ink cartridges: First, select the Italian paper, or wood, or bamboo, or tooth, or copper. According to common sense, the prestigious painter and painter must choose a well-made, unique shape of the light board paperweight, evenly coated with a layer of white powder on the bottom to line the bottom, and then the book painter on its vertical and horizontal gallop to conceive creation.

The calligraphy and painting works in the township are in fact the miniaturization of the artist's own work. Its composition, brushwork, and charm should be consistent with large-scale works. In fact, some of the painters do not make miniatures. In the past, there was no copying machine or photographic technology that could be scaled up and down as they wished. Therefore, generally speaking, painting and calligraphy on small town papers, and paintings and paintings that can get their charms, must have profound abilities. After the painter was finished, it was carved by a famous artist on the basis of the characteristics of calligraphy and painting. The sculpting and housekeeping must have a deep understanding of the artist's brushwork and personality, and use the knife on the hand to recreate the characteristics of the painter's work and reflect its characteristics in an incisive manner. Therefore, the small paperweight embodies the joint efforts of famous painters and seal masters. It can also be said that they are a joint venture. This combination is not arbitrary, because the painting's composition, brushwork, and charm must match the sculptural style of the sculpture. Therefore, every successful top grade is extremely rare.

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