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The Paperweight Form Introduction
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The paperweight of the Ming Dynasty was shaped like a ruler, with a beasted button on it. It was consistent with the records of the literature, such as the paper of the bronze tiger button, the square-shaped base, and a tiger on the head. The tiger head was delicately carved and realistic, and the tiger's tail was freehand. The bronze paper in the Qing Dynasty was innovative while following the style of the Ming Dynasty, especially with the advancement of the process technology, the paperboard with a very strong decorative taste began to appear, and it was a collection of ornamental and practical functions. For example, the paper produced by the copper gong and gold gong is the middle Qing dynasty product, and the copper tire is gilded, and then painted directly on the metal lacquer with enamel. The delicate and realistic ornamentation resembles the pastel in porcelain, which has a high technological value. The fine work of Fang Zhen. In terms of styling, due to the literary person's printing, the engraved style and the wide application of the couplets, the paperweight is also mainly shaped in long strips, and it is mainly in paired form. It engraves the motto of the poems or draws the picture of Zhumei Julan. Classes, both practical and artistic appreciation, especially in the study is very particular about the school, the paperweight in the embodiment of the owner's hobbies, tastes, etc., when finishing touch.

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