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Paperweight Production Materials
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Paperweight bronze antiques were used as paperweights to form a fashion in the literati. There were special requirements for producing various bronze and jade wares such as animal modeling. Ming Gao is chanting a piece of “Zhen Zhi” in “The Eight Banners of Compliance.” He said that some people used bronze shrimp oysters, bronze tiger owls, and bronze gongs to make paper.

Most ancient paperweights use three-dimensional modeling of animals such as rabbits, horses, sheep, deer, and cubs. The area is small and heavier, and the materials are mostly jade, ceramics, copper and crystals. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, famous painters and famous artists made great contributions to the production and use of Wenfang utensils. New changes have also been made in the materials and shapes of the paperweights. In addition to the continuous use of copper and jade, the material has also increased the use of stone and sandalwood. Wood, ebony and so on.

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