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Magical Hourglass To Help Children Manage Their Time
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Hourglass can help children manage their time. Each hourglass has a fixed time to drain the sand. It is usually used for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes. There are 4 kindergartens to elementary school. When you first use it, you must redeem this little magic weapon, let the children like this little thing, and then carefully communicate with the child once, the whole family can start to fully activate the hourglass magic!

The earlier the hourglass is used, the better. The age of three or four is the best time to form a good habit, but it doesn't matter if it is bigger. I only thought of this method when my daughter was 8 years old. Before 8 years old, she did not show too much time management problems, I did not pay too much attention. I often feel that my mother can't be like a firefighter. I found this problem today. I found that problem tomorrow, and I put it on the side. It was on fire again. It is best to solve the problem every time, and teach the method to the child, so that the baby can learn a lot of life-long lifestyle.


How is the hourglass used? It is recommended to start with the 3 minute hourglass. At night, my mother brushes her face and demonstrates it, then I will use it in the morning. For example, it is stipulated to get out of clothes for 3 minutes, brush your teeth for 3 minutes, wash your face for 3 minutes, then use the 15 minute hourglass to calculate the early morning time, so that you can get all the time in more than 20 minutes, and they are all very smooth, the child will look at the hourglass. The sand speeds up its own speed of action. In addition to brushing my teeth, I have to wait for 3 minutes. Others will have a small reward in advance. Then you will find that the child is running at home and racing against time like playing a game.

After school came back from school in the afternoon, I asked her to choose the time to write her homework. First ask her: "How long do you think you can finish today's homework?" When there are more homework, we will use a 30-minute hourglass, and the child can choose 15 points. Hourglass twice, rest for a while. Initially, the child does not have a time concept. Parents can help him to see the amount of work and the speed of writing homework, reminding him to choose a suitable hourglass.

After using an hourglass, I quickly found an interesting phenomenon: my daughter chose the hourglass that took a break of 15 minutes, but after 15 minutes of rest, she hurriedly went to the bathroom, and then she wrote there because she wanted Get the reward early when you finish writing. Generally speaking, she works hard. My second hourglass will start to drag a little bit, trying to help her find a sense of accomplishment in finishing her homework.

In conjunction with the hourglass, there is a corresponding reward system. There is an honor list on the wall of our house. Every time the child finishes the matter in advance, he will put a smiley postmark on the honor list and collect 10 smiley face stamps. Change the Alipay currency and she will come in handy when shopping online. Most of the time she will squat and buy big things. This process allows children to manage not only time but also money.

Sometimes we also play, such as putting a 10 minute hourglass, I go to take a bath, she carries a poem. Often I am still in the bathroom, she shouted outside: "Mom, I will be back!" It took only 4 minutes. In this process, I sometimes lose and sometimes win, and I can't always lose. If the child does not win, I can't afford to lose outside. The whole process of learning is a process of playing, and no one feels very tired.

Although the hourglass is a small thing, it can become a weapon for managing time. Of course, parents must play with their children to have fun. If the parents only give the child an hourglass, they will not use it.

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