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How To Do If The Gloss Of Resin Handicrafts Drops?
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Resin crafts are becoming more and more common in home furnishings. Its plasticity is very strong, it can be made into the form of imitation copper, imitation gold, imitation silver, crystal, imitation agate, but the resin crafts placed in the home, a long time will inevitably appear gloss reduction, which seriously affected What should be done to the beauty of crafts?

 Use a soft-bristled brush to apply the wax to the surface of the resin handicraft. Apply a thin layer of it. Then use a rag to wipe the polish. You can also wipe it with a textile containing wax or oil wax, so that the gloss of the resin handicraft ornaments will rise. Now. 

Usually pay attention to the resin craft ornaments do not put in a bad place, to avoid direct sun exposure, otherwise it is prone to fade and cracking, can not be placed in a humid place, or easy to mold. 

In short, we must pay attention to the maintenance of resin handicrafts, regular maintenance of resin handicrafts, not slack, so that our resin handicrafts can remain bright as new, Skyringe craft factory has more than 10 years of experience in the production of resin handicrafts, it is worth trust!