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Home Crafts Decorative Arts
- Aug 11, 2018 -

Today's home decoration, more people will choose some handicraft ornaments to decorate their warm home, then there are any good decorative ornaments recommended for everyone, they say that resin crafts are very popular in home decoration, let the small Let us introduce you to the art of decorative ornaments!


Decorative vases are a good choice. Putting vases at home not only gives people a sense of vitality, but also is quite aesthetic. The vases decorated with handicrafts are made of glass, ceramics, resin, etc. If there are children in the family, it is not recommended to use glass ceramic materials, and fragile items will cause harm to children.

Generally speaking, when you choose resin crafts, you will choose some decorative ornaments that symbolize good luck and lucky fortune. For example,brave troops is a good choice, you can only enter, and it means good luck and good fortune. Progress.

There is also a home craft decoration is an hourglass craft, hourglass symbolizes love, friendship and happiness. This means that we want eternal happiness, cherish love and friendship forever! Time is dying, things are changing, years are passing, memories are gone, when thoughts are gone, memories are already extravagant, forgetting time will only sink in the bottom of my heart. 

Boys send girls hourglass is: wait, cherish time, don't waste youth!

The girl’s favorite boy hourglass is: time goes by, youth is short, I hope you cherish yourself!

The hourglass representation of different colors is: white represents health. Purple represents the taste. Pink stands for innocence. Blue represents vitality.

Hourglass: First, it means time lapse, we must cherish it. There may be no difference in color; the second can also represent love, the blue hourglass has the meaning of "I love you", the meaning of the yellow silk scarf, maybe the yellow hourglass can represent the love of love.

Sending an hourglass expresses a kind of farewell, and the process of sand falling is also a process of reminiscing the beautiful fragments between friends. The sand of the hourglass is a wonderful memory among friends.

This is a novel and exquisite gift, first born in China's Yuan Dynasty in 1360, the hourglass was the first method of water injection, but the winter in the north is cold, the water can not be timed when it freezes, so the ancients thought of using sand instead of water, so Then there is the current hourglass. This product quickly became popular in Europe after its launch in Germany! The post-modern style is especially suitable for sitting in the living room, study room, etc. The gift is suitable for both self-use. The style of the hourglass shows the taste and hobby of the owner.

Many young people like to give each other an hourglass to express love. The encounter between people and people knows that love is not like a quicksand. It is a romantic thing! If your encounter is accidental, then it must be Inevitability in chance. Let the hourglass of love come to witness love! Let the hourglass of love come with you to spend this happy life!

And many people of old age like the hourglass, it is placed on the desk. When it’s okay, turn over and see the sand slowly flowing. Every sand is like a piece of things going through, with the flow of sand in mind. The flow of one by one. Beautifully designed, well-made, hand-made in the middle of the hourglass bubble. Welcome to inquire!

Handmade, all wood products of the factory are made of solid wood, and they will never be falsified.

All products of our factory can add text or pattern according to customers' needs.

Put a time on the hourglass on the desk or on the bedside table, always remind us to cherish the time. Time is like an hourglass, bit by bit, seemingly inconspicuous, but our life is composed of this one drop. Cherish time and cherish everything we have...

Color: festive red or original color; sand color is blue, white, randomly sent.

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