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Historical Records Of Paperweight
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Tang Duguang Ting "recorded differences in different rocks": "Huiji Jinshi Li Yan, even picked up small stone, black and white, playful, used as a book town." Song Changyi's poem: "Three mountains give Weng Bao to give me, the paperweight is called gold rhino."

Song Zhoumi "Wulin old things, driving and driving fortunes": "...inside the palace into the teeth sector". Song Yuelu, "Zhonglu Town Hall," said: "Emperor's forefront of gold, such as gongs, pressure ruler, pen grid, paste board, water leakage is, Jin Jin two hundred and two." The material is made of stone, copper, tooth, gold, etc. In the Ming Dynasty, there were wood, copper, jade, and stone materials in the town's feet, mostly in the shape of a ruler. The poems of Ming Zhu were: “The wooden cuts were made into the body and the squares were high, and the fasts were half the school book.” The paper materials in the Qing Dynasty increased porcelain, ivory, etc., compared to the Ming Dynasty. Because of its weight, the copper is more common in paperweights. The “Stationery Yabian”: “Bronze, with blue-green shrimp, green body; green tigers, dragonflies, and sleeping dragons; there are lying and lying dolls, there are gold and evil spirits, and lying horses. All are ancient objects."

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