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What is the mineral that will be thrown into the water?
- Jan 14, 2019 -

There are no minerals that will explode when exposed to water.

First, what is mineral: mineral is a crystalline substance produced by geological processes under natural conditions. The definition of minerals determines that it is a natural product. The minerals you can see in nature, except for some minerals such as rock salt, will dissolve in water, some minerals such as montmorillonite will not explode in water, and will not explode in water. . The water explosion indicates that the substance is very unstable, but water is a common fluid in the geological process. Many mineral crystal lattices contain water. Perhaps some unstable substances may appear briefly during the formation of a certain mineral or rock. But it will eventually evolve into a more stable substance and gradually transform into a more stable mineral, in a stable form. Therefore, the various minerals you see in nature will not explode. If it explodes, it is unstable and will not exist in the geological process.

Some alkali metals such as sodium, potassium, strontium and barium in alkali metals, as well as some substances such as calcium carbide, may explode when exposed to water, but the elements of these alkali metals do not exist in nature, and some substances such as calcium carbide are also made by artificial methods. Taken, these artificially prepared substances are not minerals.

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