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What is the hourglass used for
- Jan 03, 2019 -

The hourglass is a relatively common gadget that can be found in many boutiques. The hourglass consists of two glass balls and a narrow connecting tube with sand. In order to win customers, the store has also designed the hourglass more and more sophisticated. However, the hourglass was not used for play at first, but with the birth of the clock, it lost its position in the timer. Although the hourglass is very simple in structure, it is also a time measuring device.

  In an hourglass, the sand in one glass ball flows from the pipe into another glass ball for a part of the time, and people measure the time. The hourglass is very similar to the “stopwatch” we usually use. Once all the sand has flowed to the bottom of the glass ball, the hourglass can be turned over to measure the time again. This is the advantage of an hourglass that is different from a normal timer, and it is very convenient to use, especially when measuring for a short period of time.

  Around 1100 AD, Westerners invented the hourglass, while China's hourglass appeared later, but the hourglass was widely used in northern China. Prior to this, drip was a kind of timing instrument commonly used by Chinese people. The hourglass was manufactured in much the same way as a drip, except that it used sand and the water used for dripping. In the north of China, the winter is very cold, and the water is very easy to freeze at night, so the northerners have come up with a way to use the quicksand instead of water to time.

  Now look at the hourglass again, but don't simply use it as a gadget or a small gadget. It is a simple way for ancient people to use simple tools to measure time, reflecting the great creativity of mankind.

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