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The 22nd Tianxia Budokai
- Jan 18, 2019 -

imageThree years later, Wukong and Leoping, who practiced alone, once again participated in the Tianxia Budokai. The tortoise of the tortoise and the death of the head of the crane also took the same apprentice Tianjin rice and dumplings to participate in the competition. In the quarter-finals, Tianjin rice beat Leping seriously, while Kobayashi defeated the dumplings. In the first game of the Final Four, Tianjin Rice and the Guixian people who had pretended to compete in the match, the turtle immortal hoped that Tianjin rice would change its course and admit defeat. In the second game, Goku vs. Kobayashi, Wukong who overcomes the weakness of the tail, won with strength.

In the final, Tianjin Rice and Goku scored a balance, but Hexian people ordered the dumplings to control Wukong's activities because of his brother Tao Baibai's killing of Wukong. Later, Tianjin Rice Hope Hall was just overwhelming Wukong and stopped dumplings. Hexian people were also rushed by turtles. Out of the competition venue. In the end, Tianjin rice destroyed the Wu stage with Qigong artillery, and Wukong, who jumped into the air, knocked out the Tianjin rice floating in the air using the dance air, but finally defeated the car that first fell off the field.


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