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Restaurant management of hourglass management
- Aug 10, 2018 -

On weekends, meet up with friends, enter the store to finish the dishes, the waiter puts on a tool that seems to have nothing to do with eating - hourglass. Eating outside, waiting for food is difficult to circumvent. It’s just that if you don’t come or wait for a long time, it’s really anxious. The hourglass in this store allows customers to wait for expectations and even interest. In the process of waiting, Xiaobian found that relieving anxiety is just the appearance. In fact, this hourglass also carries the core management function - JIT.

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JIT, the abbreviation of Just In Time, which is a just-in-time production method. JIT advocates the management of balanced and smooth flow of batches of workpieces between production lines, between processes, and between plants to minimize queuing, transportation and preparation time.

Xiao Bian believes that in this store, the reason why the hourglass can become a JIT carrier is based on these points:

First, the hourglass plays a role in kanban, and the hidden information is explicit and organized. Some restaurants can't count the waiting time, so they have to rely on “urging” as the basis. Whoever urges them tightly and urges them to work hard, whoever has a quick meal. The hourglass makes the customer's meal time more intuitive, and it is more efficient to coordinate the progress of each table.

Second, the hourglass played a scheduling role, opening up the information barrier between the table and the kitchen. Information forms judgments and judges left and right actions. The information on the meal is clear at a glance, and the rear-food scheduling is well-founded. The order and rhythm of the meal arrangement can be scientific and reasonable, and the connection between the table and the kitchen can be smooth and smooth.

Third, the hourglass played an assessment role, driving information flow and management. The hourglass has become a ruler to measure whether the store's food can be collected. It creates a sense of urgency in management, forcing information docking, organization scheduling and management.

The so-called management is the process and activities of scientifically using human and material resources to achieve goals efficiently. Management is purposeful, and the way in which human and material resources are used to achieve the purpose is the carrier. For the hotel, one of its important purposes is to achieve “one-stream” production from food to food among the kitchen chefs, chefs, waiters and tables. From this perspective, the hourglass is the wonderful interpretation of the JIT based on its own reality.

This gives us such revelation from management:

What kind of management thinking is the core of a market subject, and it must be highly consistent with the focus of its business format, which is the basis and premise of the choice of management carrier; what kind of carrier should be chosen, combined with the first essential of management thinking, this It is the key and key point for the carrier to play a management role; the carrier plays a management role, and it must match the company's service commitment and reward and punishment performance, which is the guarantee and support for the management idea to fall.

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