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Red section with the Legion
- Jan 18, 2019 -

imageAfter the end of the martial arts meeting, Wukong set out to find the Dragon Ball of the Dragon Ball in order to find the four-star Dragon Ball belonging to the grandfather's relics. On the trip, I met the black silk army that was looking for the Dragon Ball, which was intended to conquer the world. Wukong defeated the conspiracy of the Black Silk Army several times, knocked down the masters of several black silk army and got three Dragon Balls. So the black silk army hired the professional killer peach white. To kill Goku. In the holy land of Garin, Goku finally found the four-star Dragon Ball, but at the same time the peach came in white, the guardian of the Holy Land was killed in the battle, and Goku was defeated by the peach, but fortunately it was collected in the four-star ball in the clothes. The rescue was only slightly injured. Goku climbed the Garinta to defeat the peach white and found the cat fairy. The cat fairy used the super holy water to train Goku. After three days, Wukong martial arts made a big effort to defeat the returning desire to retrieve the peach white of the Dragon Ball.

In order to resurrect the Guardian of the sacred sacred land to the dragon, Wukong decided to stand alone at the base of the black silk army. As a result, Wukong won the victory and won the two dragon balls of the black silk army. At this time, Goku, who had collected six Dragon Balls, reunited with the companions who came to support, but everyone was troubled by the search for the Dragon Ball, which was not searched by the Dragon Ball Radar. Later, under the direction of the Turtles, everyone went to find the crystal mother-in-law for divination. The location of a dragon ball. Because the crystal mother-in-law is a diviner, she needs to defeat the master of the crystal mother-in-law, otherwise she will need to charge a huge fee. In the battle, Wukong showed amazing strength in front of everyone, but in the last battle, the face of the hand caught the weakness of Wukong's tail. Later, he revealed his identity, that is, Wukong's grandfather, "Sun Wufan."

Crystal mother-in-law for the divination of the seven dragons is the collection of Pirav, and Wukong easily knocked down Pilav and got the final Dragon Ball, which brought the Guardian of the Holy Land to Resurrection.

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