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Piccolo Big Devils
- Feb 12, 2019 -

imageShortly after the end of the 22nd day of the martial arts meeting, Kobayashi was suddenly killed, and the four-star Dragon Ball held by Goku was also taken away. Wukong, who was in great anger and sorrow, ignored the persuasion of the turtle immortal to pursue the murderer alone. The turtle fairy used the note left by the murderer to conclude that the murderer was related to the great demon who was once sealed by the master of the turtle and the immortal of the crane.

The Great Devil was liberated by Pilav and wanted to use the power of Dragon Ball to restore youth in order to conquer the world. Although Goku caught up with the ministry of the Piccolo Devil who killed Kobayashi, Goku was defeated because he consumed most of his physical strength in the martial arts. Later, Goku regained his strength by stealing the food of Mijiro Guardian. At the same time, because Mijiro Guardian had a Dragon Ball, the big demon king who defeated Goku before appeared in front of Goku in order to collect the Dragon Ball. When the two men went to war, Wukong easily wiped out the other side, but this led to the demon king personally appearing to deal with Wukong. Although Wukong was fighting hard, he still lost.

Wukong, the dragon and the dragon, was rescued by the help of Mijiro, and then visited Garinta. On the other hand, the turtle immortal thought that Wukong was dead, and decided to collect the Dragon Ball to destroy the Great Devil. In the same way, the Big Devil who collected the Dragon Ball finally met with the Turtles, and the Turtles used the master's martial arts "Wu Feng Bo" to pray for the seal of the Great Devil again. Unfortunately, the defeated man, the turtles died, and the dumplings were to stop the Great Devil. Wishing to return to the gods to restore youth and be killed. The Great Demon King destroyed the dragon after the wish was made, and the Dragon Ball was turned into an ordinary stone.

Wukong got the cat fairy in Garinta to drink the super god water, and Wukong, who overcame the toxicity of the super god water, immediately rushed to the place where the big demon was. At the same time, the completion of the magical wave of Tianjin rice took the lead to reach the big devil. The big devil who returned to youth only sent his men to easily knock down Tianjin rice. At this time, Wukong rushed to rescue Tianjin rice, and Wukong wiped out the big devil’s subordinates and The devil was beaten into a balance of power. When he was in battle, Wukong’s left hand and his feet were severely wounded. Finally, Wukong was victorious by his right hand running through the body of the Great Devil. Before the death of the Great Devil, his avatar was born into a Piccolo in the future.

In order to resurrect the people killed by the Great Devil, Wukong went to the temple to ask the gods to resurrect the Dragon Ball, and learned that the gods and the great devil were one. Tenjin told Wukong Piccolo to participate in the twenty-third return to the next martial arts meeting three years later. Therefore, after Wukong resurrected the Dragon Ball, stay in the temple to practice until the martial arts will begin.

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