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Paperweight collection value
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Similar to the four types of ink, paper and paper, the paper can be called the "small five" in the ancient cultural and humanistic rooms. Ancient literati in the study, often small bronze ware, jade on the desk to enjoy, at the same time used to press paper or press the book, which appeared in the town of paper, also known as paper town, town ruler. The material of the paperweight is varied, mostly jade, porcelain, bamboo, wood, iron, and copper. There are usually blue, chrysanthemum, plum, and bamboo sculpted with poetic patterns, as well as stereoscopic images of animals and characters. Ming and Qing town paper production materials are more common jade, stone, copper, ebony, rosewood, etc., of which Shizhen paper is more. In the shape of the main shape of a long strip, usually in the form of pairing, engraved with poetry maxim or couplet calligraphy.

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