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New use for hourglass toys
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Horses have long been used as living vehicles. But with the development of modern vehicles such as airplanes, trains, and cars, the transportation function of horses is dying out. But people have not forgotten the horses and transferred it to the entertainment industry. The horse race that prevails in the West is the result of this shift in function, making the horse worth more expensive than simply as a means of transportation. This explains


The transfer of a product's use often produces unexpected results, and old products bring new profits. Before the clock was invented, the timekeeping tool was an hourglass, a container of sand that allowed the sand in the container to flow slowly to calculate time. This timing method has now disappeared, and the hourglass has entered the history museum. However, as a toy, there are some educational and recreational effects for children.

Japan's Nishimura Quansuke is a businessman who makes hourglass toys. In recent years, novel children's toys have emerged in an endless stream, and few people have been interested in the simple hourglass toys. Nishimura is full of help to see his career decline, and no new business can be done, I am amazed.

On one occasion, he accidentally saw a book that read the transfer of the above-mentioned horse function, and suddenly touched his inspiration, which made him very happy: "Why don't I transfer the hourglass from the toy to other uses?" With this idea in mind, he carefully observed and worked hard to finally find a new use of the hourglass.

Japan's telephone timing method is the same as in other countries. It is calculated every 3 minutes. It is not easy for the caller to grasp the time. It is often more than one sentence to exceed the calculation standard. If you are hitting a coin and don't make it, playing a public phone can cause trouble. Nishimura has helped design a small, chic hourglass, which is equipped on a telephone. It is calculated that the sand will be leaked every 3 minutes, and the public telephone person will talk while watching the sand on the hourglass slowly leaking. Under the same time, it can not only accurately grasp the time, but also feel that there is another fun, improve the monotony of the call, and make the caller's spirit get proper adjustment. Therefore, this hourglass is very popular with people. Once listed, the monthly sales volume has reached more than 30,000.

The hourglass, which also uses the principle of sand leakage as a timing method, has long been an antique as a general timing method. It has also lost competitiveness as a children's toy. However, as a popular Japanese phone, people do not care much about telephone charges, but because the telephone is Everyday use, with the help of an hourglass, enables people to reduce unnecessary expenses, people are still willing to accept the hourglass this little thing.

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