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Looking for the Dragon Ball Story
- Jan 16, 2019 -

The young Sun Wukong, who lives alone in the mountains, met Booma, a girl scientist who collected the Dragon Ball. Bouma took the four-star Dragon Ball that Wukong had and took the journey to find the Dragon Ball with Wukong.

The long-tailed Sun Wukong’s natural power, coupled with the death of his grandfather “Sun Wufan” training martial arts, so Wukong repeatedly defeated the bad guys during the search for the Dragon Ball, and met Wulong, Leping, Turtle, and the demon king. And his daughter Kiki (Kiki became his fiancee) and other friends. When he was looking for the last Dragon Ball, he was taken away by the Pilavs. Wukong and others were also imprisoned. Later, Wukong became a giant python due to the full moon, and his tail was cut off. The Dragon Ball was also scattered because of the wish of Oolong.


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