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Kindergarten children DIY hourglass method
- Jul 30, 2018 -

As parents, we can all be handmade masters. From the time when the daughter went to the small class, the parents began to learn to collect materials and complete various DIY operations for the children, such as hand-made environmental protection clothing, labyrinths, lanterns, sports equipment, etc. This is not the month of the month of sports. The homework that the parents have done with the children has come, and the work of Niu Niu---the DIY hourglass of waste materials.

sand timer.jpg

Today, I will share with you a DIY hand-made method for hourglasses; our principle is that it is simple, easy to do, and easy to find. Saying that the hourglass is an ancient timing tool!

Let's share the production steps:

1. Preparation materials

Two jelly shells, two straws, double-sided tape, millet, cardboard, utility knife, scissors, pencil.

2. Punch

Put two holes under the jelly shell, pay attention to the hole is too small, but not

3. Stitching

By using double-sided tape, the two jelly shells are spliced together and fixed

4. Make a cover

Draw a circle with a pencil, then cut the cover with scissors

5. Seal the cover with double-sided tape

6. Testing

Test whether the millet can flow normally; according to the test situation, adjust the size of the middle hole to the appropriate size

7. Sealing

After testing, seal both sides

8. Reinforcement and completion

The upper and lower seals are reinforced, and the other two sides are glued with two straws for reinforcement.

It's easy to do, it's pretty pretty after it's made. It is recommended to choose the bottom point when buying jelly, so the effect of the leak will be better! You can also make rice hourglass, mung bean hourglass, and interested moms try it. Give it a try, make a different hourglass for your child!

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