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Hourglass timer details
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Art-designed digital hourglass timer. Time passed quietly. This digital hourglass can be used to measure any time that does not exceed 60 minutes. It is like a beautiful visual indicator that indicates how much time remains for your task.

KIDS FRIENDLY (child friendly) shows time for children and lets them feel time. You don't need to read or know the numbers to see the elapsed time of visualization, feel and understand how long you need to wait, and whether you need to seize the time.

STAY NOTIFIED Allows you to set the alarm sound that is issued when the timer finishes. You can choose from 16 unique alarm sounds, songs and loops. Even if you are using another app or the device is locked, you will be notified when the time is up. If it misses or ignores the alarm due to snoring, it can also repeat the audible alarm (up to 3 times) at a given interval.

COLOR YOUR TIME You can easily change the timer color to match your personal style. There are 5 color themes: turquoise, red, green, yellow, and pink.

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