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Hourglass gift meaning
- Jan 11, 2019 -

The hourglass symbolizes love, friendship and happiness. This means that we want happiness forever, and cherish love and friendship forever! Time is dying, things are changing, years are passing, memories are gone, when thoughts are gone, memories are already extravagant, and the time of forgetting will only be sealed in the bottom of my heart.

The hourglass represents the passage of time and should be cherished. There may be no difference in color; the second can also represent feelings, and the hourglass expresses a kind of farewell. The process of sand falling is also a process of reminiscing the beautiful pieces between friends.

Sending an hourglass expresses a kind of farewell, and the process of sand falling is also a process of reminiscing the beautiful fragments between friends. The sand of the hourglass is a wonderful memory among friends.

Boys send girls hourglass is: wait, cherish time, don't waste youth. The girl’s favorite male hourglass is: time goes by, youth is short, I hope you cherish yourself.

The hourglass representations of different colors are: white for health; purple for taste; pink for innocence; blue for vitality.

White hourglass: a gift of growth that gives you love and touch.

Blue hourglass: the vitality of life, depending on the feelings of farewell.

Purple hourglass: noble love, long flowing water, accompanied by a lifetime.

Yellow hourglass: It represents purity and friendship, hopes for the passage of time, and hides purity and friendship in the bottom of my heart.

Pink hourglass: Represents innocence.

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